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Monday, 27 June 2011

Monday Lunch time

It's another Monday, I am at work and the weather is scorching, Think I will leave 1 hour earlier today to try and catch some more lovely weather.
Just taking time out for lunch and use the time productively as I feel I have an abundance of energy at the moment. I have already clicked my way throught the Folksy June Bugs, eaten a Reduced fat egg and cress sandwich and still have half an hour to spare.
All custom orders are up to date, I knit girls leg warmers and sweat bands in stripy pinks, arm warmers for a colleague in lilac and made 3 new cards that I will photograph when I get home and list in my Busybeecards shop. I have also purchased 4 new Marianne cutters and can't wait until they arrive as I have some great ideas on how to use them especially the bird and cage.

I am also thinking of cutting some of the designs and selling them, what do you think?

I have an idea for a new cardigan as I have some lovely green wool that sits and looks at me every time I go into my workroom (its the conservatory really, but piled high with all of my stash) maybe my Mum would love to knit it for me, at 88 yrs old she still has the crafting bug! I only hope I am as good as her when I am that age.

I just feel that life is a joy at the moment, Eldest son has finished his last A2 level exam and it's great to see him finally relaxing with his friends. Husband is pleased with all of the produce that we are finally reaping from the garden, So many vegetables and fresh fruit now that he has semi retired, cooking is such fun when you can just eat what you have grown. Maybe it's the increase in vitamins that is making me feel so well or maybe it's the thought of a summer without the need for another operation now that I am clear of the breast Cancer.

Butterfly joy card

Joyful Butterfly bithday card
Here are some Joyful products from my Fellow folksy folk  you can click on the link below the item to take you to their shops nad have alook at all the other wonderful items for sale.

Large image




Sunday, 19 June 2011

I don't like Mondays

Sorry I have not been around this weekend but I have had one hell of a social whirl, just for a change.
Birthday celebrations for 2 of my staff on Friday straight from the office at 5pm then a pub crawl around Liverpool. Met some fantastic friends of one of my staff. had a a good laugh and a nice bottle of wine.
Then on Saturday I went to the theatre with my best friend and 8 of her relatives, went to see "brick up the mesrsey tunnels", It was very funny but definately scouse humour. Then on to a tapas bar before hitting the pubs of Liverpool again, but I didn't frequent the same places there are so many to choose from. Had a great time in the kareoke bar ( No I didn't partake on the mike else the pub would have been empty before closing time) but sang along in the background, met some lovely people.

Then Father's Day to celebrate I cooked a lovely Chicken and Vegetable curry but one son was in work and the other didn't get out of bed until 3pm. Teenagers I am sure I never needed that much sleep.

Managed to get some cleaning and washing done as well. Hubby didn't have such a restful day as he was painting the downstairs loo.

I really am not wanting to go back to work tomorrow, back to the grind, still I have deadlines to meet and a mortgage to pay so don't have a choice.

As I am feeling Blue about it I have chosen some blue items to share with you, from my folksy shop.

Rugby Birthday card

Bunny Rabbit Card

I have also looked though Folksy and I have found some lovely Monday/blue goodies to share with you from other sellers. I hope you enjoy what I've chosen and you can always have a browse around all the shops.


Well bye for now.

Jan x

Friday, 15 April 2011

Ahoy there matey

This is my first blog, hopefully of many. I have chosen a piarte theme for this. Below are some of my pirate cards. I will personalise them to show your childs name or that of the recipient. I can also make them into party invitations I will add your party details at no extra charge. A pack of 10 personalised invitations for £7.00. You can choose from the following designs
Design A

Design B

Design C
 I have also found other pirate items from other folk on folksy. Just click on the link to browse the shops.

From Polka dots and Posies
From Made with Love X
From Lilac elephant
From with hugs and kisses